Frequently Asked Questions

At this famous online loan comparison website, we put in our best efforts to help Canadians make best financial decisions. This includes complete profiles of all loan companies that contain information on their loan types, interest rates, terms, fees, eligibility requirements and other details. At this website you can even go through a bunch of articles on popular financial topics to enhance your knowledge about loans. The website also features different tools like loan search, loan calculators and educational guides.

For finding a suitable loan option for you, you will need to provide some basic personal information like your name, email, address, and phone number. You will also be asked specific loan questions to help us understand your requirements like your requested loan amount, employment status, income, reason for taking out the loan, and if there are any current debts.

We are Canada’s leading loan comparison website. At our website you can browse, compare and find several reputed loan providers in Canada. With us it is simple to compare loan options, their fees, eligibility requirements and terms from a wide range of loan providers. We help you make smart financial decisions, but do not offer funds directly. We have great experience in helping our customers connect with top financial companies in a safe, fast and convenient way.

We are Canada’s most trusted source that will tell you about loans and financial companies and help you find best financial product at a best possible rate. We keep all your personal information safe and confidential.

Yes, completely. We work with a team of expert representatives who research, review and qualify all loan providers featured on our website. We are committed to providing excellent product offerings, best customer service, complete transparency of all loan information, responsible lending and safety for all Canadians.

You can browse, compare and choose from over 100 financial companies and products on our leading online loan comparison platform. All lenders listed on our website have been carefully reviewed by our team that ensures transparency, safety and high-quality for all our customers.

In order be a loan provider listed on our website, a lender must meet certain criteria and get approved. The criteria may include:

  • Lenders are required to be licensed to operate in their provinces of service
  • They are required to be in the business for at least 2 years with a proven track record
  • They must have readily available customer support.
  • They must follow responsible lending practices and comply with Canadian underwriting and collection practices.
  • They should be committed to safety and security of personal information of their loan applicants.

Yes. We at 1 Hour Quick Loans work with a large number of loan providers that offer several types of loans all over Canada

We can help Canadians find different loan types for any purpose, according to our customer’s wish for any purpose, including payday loans, short term loans, quick loans, cash advance, etc.

The amount of money you can borrow depends entirely on the type of loan you choose, the purpose of financing and also on your individual financial and credit situation. Make sure to take your time to understand all the details and terms of the loan if you are considering any type of loan.

Most of the lenders listed on 1 Hour Quick Loans generally deposit funds into borrower’s account within few business days. This totally depends on bank to bank. This may take longer if there is missing or incomplete documentation. So, make sure to send your right documents and complete information to the lenders.

The eligibility requirement for a loan depends on the type of loan you are looking for and the lender you are considering to do business with. Explore the lenders listed on our loan comparison website to see what exactly what their qualifications requirements are. Typical eligibility requirements include your steady source of income, a Canadian citizenship, a valid active bank account and a minimum age of eighteen years.

Yes, people with less than perfect credit score can also find a loan of their choice from the listed lenders on 1 Hour Quick Loans. However, people having bad credit are required to pay more interest rate than the ones with good credit on any type of loan. Please review the terms of any loan agreement carefully before finalizing the deal.